RTmodel real-time automated anomaly modelling
(2018 season event overview)

Real-time model parameters from RTmodel for anomalous events as triggered by SIGNALMEN
and light curves with data from OGLE, MOA, MiNDSTEp, RoboNet-II, MicroFUN, and uFUN-PLANET

Clicking on the model number loads the interactive plotter with the respective event and model pre-selected
Clicking on the site identifier in the data list provides an external link to the respective data


  MOA-2018-BLG-0073     #1     Thu Apr 12 18:37:31 2018 UT       q = 9.14e-02,  d = 0.718,  tE = 6.7 d,  ρ* = 1.01e-05,  u0 = 1.38e+00,  α = 255.2°,  t0 = 8212.7751    

RTmodel automated anomaly modelling ©2010–2018 Valerio Bozza
SIGNALMEN modelling ©2006–2013 Martin Dominik & Nicholas Rattenbury
SM plotting package ©1987–1999 Robert Lupton & Patricia Monger
SM macros ©1999–2008 Martin Dominik
Data processing ©2007–2008 Martin Dominik
Top-level interface ©2007–2018 Martin Dominik

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